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Regina Mayhew

My name is Regina Mayhew and I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and worked as an intern in the Public Affairs Department at the Department of Labor. I also worked in a television newsroom, WJLA TV 7, before entering the teaching profession. I find the teaching profession much more challenging and rewarding. I begin my career as an Education Assistant in a SD class four years ago. Currently, I am fulfilling the requirements for the Master�s Degree in Special Education and I am the Department Chairperson for Autism/Asperger�s staff at a Middle School in Virginia. My duties include teaching in a self-contained class of high-functioning Autistic and Asperger�s students and as a resource teacher for Autistic/LD students.

Mission Statement:
To ensure that all students placed in Special Education programs are, labeled appropriately, and provided with all that they need to succeed.

To promote a climate that carefully examines ethnically diverse student placement in Special Education Programs in Mainstream and Inclusion classrooms, and in Self-Contained settings through appropriate education of procedural processes involved.

* To ensure that parents/guardians are fully aware of their parental rights and responsibilities regarding their child�s placement

* To ensure that the label should be appropriate for the disability according to federal government definitions.

* To ensure that the student is given a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment. Contact Regina Mayhew for information about advocating for your child at rrmay@comcast.net.

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