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The African-American Lupus Foundation

Services Include

Membership services for the family which includes all legal dependents. All member benefits are accessible either by internet, toll-free phone numbers or by using discount health card.

Job Placement, Job Referrals, Internships and Training, Financial Management and Business Development Services.

Case Management for home-bound and home care services for members and families.

Referral for housing and first-time home buyers.

Networking, Socializing and Hanging Out with members for planned Community Events such as Sister Spokesman, Black Woman of the Month and other planned events to be announced as soon as possible.

Case management services will be available at our home office headquarters. All clients must be processed through our intake procedures at our home office. Application for case management maybe taken over the telephone. Applications will not be considered completed without a client signature and official consent forms.

Underage clients must have parent permission slip signed in addition to offcial consent forms.

Management services may include home visits, hospital visits or visits with clients to other agencies. All clients will be signed to individual case managers who will act as their advocate.



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