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Dawn K. Campbell

My name is Dawn and I am a special education teacher in the state of NJ. I work in an inner city school which is a great challenge. I have found that out of all of the jobs I've had working with children with special needs has been the most fulfilling. I am currently working on my masters degree & certification in special education. My job experiences varied greatly. I received a Psychology degree in human behavior from Norfolk State University in. My experiences range from being a Counselor at the Counseling and Assistance Center on a US Navy base some years ago, and also ran a day program for the elderly and mentally disabled. I would say that these two experiences were the beginning of me taking a special interest in those individuals with challenges. I have also sat on the School Management Team and ran a organization by the name of Communities and Schools as a project director for several years. Although my job is very challenging and different everyday I enjoy what I do. My motto is, "If I can help somebody my living shall not be in vain." I hope to learn from all of you and hope I can be a help to you as well. I just had a baby girl "Ariel" 6 months ago which is my first child. At the present time I am learning a lot and putting every organizational skill I know of to use. Although I am very tired at times I somehow manage to meet all of my baby's needs while helping my husband run our family business. -- Dawn K. Campbell
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