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My name is Valerie Marshall. I hail from the metropolitan area thats in Michigan. I was born to a High School English teacher and a Cosmetologist. I have a passion for learning and all things fashionable. Though I do not have children of my own, everyone calls me Aunt. I like to think of myself as a really great big sister. My current occupation is that of Student Advocate. In this capacity, I am in the classrooms of students from kindergarten to 12th grade. I impact their lives either through Career Awareness, Career Exploration or Career Readiness. I love my job. I am either helping students find out more about themselves or the world in which we live. I relate the material to real world experiences whenever necessary. It helps the medicine go down easier. I am a graduate of Alcorn State University, where I majored in Business Administration. This is wehre my passion for communication flourished. Tapping into the minds of business professionals from around the world helped to make for a well-rounded educational experience. Currently, I am completing the requirement for my Master's Degree in the Area of Special Education. Contact Valerie at Contact Valerie

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