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Joyce Askew

Hi, My name Joyce Askew and I reside in MI. I have a BS degree in general studies with an emphasis in health from Andrews University in Michigan. My masters' is in the arts of teaching distance learning degree from Marygrove College in Detroit Michigan. I worked at Andrews University as an online instructor from Jan to May 2004 and I enjoyed it. I have worked as a substitute teacher since 1998 and have been teaching in grades 1-12 and I have also taught a variety of subjects including special education. Currently I am working on certification to teach in the area of special education of which I have been working for the past two years. I am also completing my Master for Special Education at the University of Phoenix. With this degree I would not only like to teach special education students but also work as instructor with Special Education Teachers. I was born in the state of Tennessee. I am a people person, single, enjoy life and have friends from different cultures. I had the opportunity in 2004 to attend some friends wedding in Mexico and I like ethnic dishes. I have sung and travel to Brazil and Puerto Rico with Andrews University college choir giving musical performances. Click here to contact Joyce


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