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My name is Mariam and I live in Kuwait. I was born and raised up in Lebanon. I graduated from Lebanese University of Beirut, holding B.A in English Language and Literature and from K.G. Center where I studied Child Education from 0-2. I was a volunteer for many years working with children from poor families, children with learning disabilities, juveniles, and elders who lived by themselves and no one was looking after them. In Lebanon, I taught in a center for special needs working with students with physical disabilities and mild MR. I enjoyed watching the growth my students gained. I worked for another year in Lebanon with students with ADD/ADHD and physically disabled in an inclusion delivery service. I had a resource room and was working in the regular classes with the students as well. Afterwards, I traveled to Kuwait and started to work with Learning Disabilities including ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, and mild autistic. I like my work in Kuwait and I like exchanging experience with different teachers. It was my dream to work on my Masters Degree in special education and the University of Phoenix is the good choice I made in my life. I am still in the process to finishing the Masters Degree. I believe of the knowledge and experience throughout the journey even before reaching the end.

Contact Mariam at Lour@email.uophx.edu


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