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Michelle Wildgoose

My name is Michele Wildgoose.

Bahamas Wisdom Developmental Center is a non-profit organization, established to evaluate any individual and was born out of a need for desperate help for my son Mikhail who is the inspiration for such an institution to be established in our nation.

Mikhail Robert Wildgoose was born November 4, 1996. He was a beautiful baby boy and his pediatrician announced that all was well with his development.

At the age of four years of age, an Educational Psychologist who was unable to label him at that time evaluated Mikhail. He was apparently one in some areas, two in another, three and four in other areas. The recommendation at that time was to enroll him in a pre-school with an aide.

In one morning, I went to nine different pre-school requesting them to take my son with an aide and all said "NO". I turned to the internet to find home schooling and found the National Association for Child Development (NACD) www.nacd.org and sought their help for my son. NACD�s procedure and philosophy got me started on a road to help in the overall development of my son (see testimonials for full story).

Out of Bahamas Wisdom Developmental Center came BAHAMAS WISDOM ACADEMY, a school established to assist any child to fulfill their hidden potential.

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